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BioDigi Masan Testi

About This Course

This is a course.

A good course.

This learning module has been created by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences as part of the BioDigi project in co-operation with working life partners and biomedical laboratory science students. Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Laboratory Scientist (BLS) NN, Senior Lecturer, BLS MM and Senior Lecturer, BLS KK are in charge of this learning module.


Kuvaa opintojaksolla vaadittava aikaisempi osaaminen.

Course Staff

Olli Opettaja

MSC and a very good teacher.

About BioDigi

In the BioDigi project, twelve learning modules of the Degree Programme in Biomedical Laboratory Science have been created to be used by the participating Universities of Applied Sciences. The BioDigi project has been granted a discretionary government transfer by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture for 2017-2019.

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