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Clinical histotechnology and immunohistochemistry

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Learning objectives

Clinical histology and histotechnology (4 ECTS) - (~4 hours) - - - Immonohistochemistry (1 ECTS) - - - -


Kokonaisuus 5x27 h opiskelijan työtä. Aiemmat opinnot suoritettu (anatomia, patofysiologia, laboratoriotyön peruslaitteet ja menetelmät). Itsenäisen opiskelun ja aikatauluttamisen taidot.

Course Staff

Clinical histotechnology

Mari Virtanen, Ph.D., Principal lecturer, Helsinki Metropolia UAS


Eeva Liikanen, Ph.D., Principal lecturer, TAMK

Frequently Asked Questions

How I can contact teachers?

Best way to reach them is by email (, or reach them on discussion area in course area.

How much I have to study by myself

The course is worth of 5 ECTS. It means 135 hours of your work.