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About This Course

IlluminatED Open Online Course is for teachers and students who wish to know more or have recap on what learning requires. How and why we learn? How do we use our memory? How can we enhance learning and how can we apply this knowledge to teaching? The course has 3 modules: Introduction, Empirical evidence and Good habits to improve learning. The modules contain videos, slides, audio, articles and tasks; some of the videos are originally made for other purposes, so do not be confused about remarks referring to other courses in the video.

The course can be completed with intensive working in 2 weeks. Within each module, there are subject areas that contain various amounts of contents: videos, audio, articles, slides and tasks. These are presented in separate tabs. Essay answers will be peer reviewed: you will review someone else’s answer and a fellow-student will review yours. You will see the results of the multiple choice questions after answering all of them, and you can do them again, if you wish.

Discussion with peers or with the course facilitator can be executed in the discussion section, where you can join the general discussion or create a new discussion over a chosen theme.

After completing the course you will receive a certificate of completing the course, with a grade “pass”. In ECT credit points, the course is worth 5 CP.


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Course Staff

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Facilitator Merja Bauters

Merja Bauters is Docent of semiotics in the University of Helsinki, Research fellow in Learning Environments research group (LeGroup), AALTO University and been involved and executed research in multiple EU- and national projects, on learning and technology enhanced learning. Bauters has been lecturing in over 30 different courses on design, design methods, semiotics and project communication. She received her PhD from Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, University of Helsinki 2007, discussing Charles Peirce thoughts on interpretation. She has directed PhDs, over 100 bachelor thesis and acted as opponent to PhD on teachers learning in Socio-Technical System.

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